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Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle Overview

VROV is a 3D interactive real-time simulation system which supports the complete range of AUVs, Inspection and Work Class ROVs, and the full spectrum of sensor and intervention subsystems. Since 1999, VROV has set the standard in interactive, real-time subsea simulation, featuring fully interactive tether dynamics, manipulator functionality and high-fidelity sonar and graphics simulation.

                                                                                                      VROV Simulator output from single computer (Instructor’s view)

The goal of the system continues to be the enhancement of the safety and productivity of marine assets and operations:

  1. As an instructional tool, VROV provides a cost-efficient opportunity for a trainee to gain valuable stick-time and operational familiarity while minimizing risk to personnel and ROV equipment.
  2. As a design and engineering tool, it consistently demonstrates its value in testing the form and function of subsea assets, including vehicles, tools and structures control software, and in facilitating training in operation and installation of assets.


  • Meets standards for IMCA Class A ROV Simulator and DNV GL certification
  • Sonar simulation based on signal simulation with multi-beam compatibility
  • Fully integrated with GRi’s IDEA Field Development Kit products
  • Includes VROV Objective Overlay software to ensure the completion of training objectives
  • Provides support for a wide range of ROV tooling, including skids, torque tools, hot stabs, and various cutting tools for training in tooling operation
  • Simulates complex operations using a small computing hardware footprint (often a single CPU)
  • User-defined fault initiation to develop a pilot’s crisis handling abilities


  • E-SIT (Electronic System Integration Testing)
  • Oil and Gas Field Intervention
  • Mission Planning and Rehearsal
  • Hardware and control System Design Support
  • Search and Recovery
  • Military- Mine Countermeasures and Sub Rescue


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