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Generic Scenario Overview

The VROV Generic Scenarios are a set of sixteen standard work-class scenarios set in generic, predesigned subsea fields that come packaged with GRi Simulations' base VROV Simulator software. They are designed to showcase and practice a range of piloting techniques including tether management, navigation using visual camera views, sonar, and a range of other visual aids, manipulator handling skills, equipment and panel interfacing, visual inspection and data logging, and providing visual guidance while communicating with a surface vessel, among others.

A wide range of work-class ROVs, manipulators and Sonars using actual industry sonar software are available for inclusion in the generic scenario set based on the customer's needs, with the additional capacity for further customization and modelling of specific ROV systems as desired.

The list of generic scenarios currently included in GRi Simulations' VROV Simulator are as follows:

1.01 - BOP Installation

1.02 - Debris Retrieval

1.03 - Field Inspection

1.04 - Pipe Inspection

1.05 - Pod Posting

1.06 - Sub Rescue

1.07 - TFL Installation

1.08 - TFL Installation (Drill String)

1.09 - TFL Lock & Test

1.10 - Transponders

1.11 - THS Installation

1.12 - THS Lock & Test

1.13 - Tree Installation

1.14 - Tree Lock & Test

1.15 - Sea Mines

1.16 - BOP Intervention


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